Broad River near Chimney Rock, NC

Are you stressed? Worried about finances? Still worried about the possibility of catching COVID? The pending election driving you crazy? Now add to it fighting over nominating a new Justice to the Supreme Court.

The year 2020 has been a year of one total disaster after another. First, the unknown Virus that came into the U.S. that no Doctor knew how to treat. The virus had too many symptoms. A patient ended in total organ failure, respiratory failure, or stroke, before Medical personnel knew what was happening. Now we know the virus turns on the body’s clotting process. Left untreated a person dies. Caught early and treated with an anticoagulant, antibiotic and vitamin D most Patients have a good outcome.

Next came the BLM and ANTIFA movement. I believe they had a right to “Peaceful protest” , but when the killing, Burning, looting, blocking and painting highways, hurting Police officers started, I was very upset. When they started tearing down monuments, I was Angry. They were removing my Southern History, Revolutionary History, And defacing Washington D.C.

Being forced to wear a mask everywhere, to some People, was an injustice. To others is a safety issue. Not being able to leave the confines of our houses for three months was very stressful. My Husband had letter saying he was an essential employee.

Now we have had 3 Hurricanes. Wild fires burning out in the Western U.S., and Earthquakes. The COVID VIRUS is still infecting people. As the Presidential election nears more and more slander is thrown against each candidate. The Media and Social Media Love to report all the juicy details true or not of everything happening in the World.

So, What does a Person do? I have had 2 Friends kill themselves since January. Others are scared to leave home. Some wear gloves and masks everywhere they go. Senior Adults are afraid they will loose their Social Security and Insurance. They don’t want a Democrat in the White House.

I turn off the TV, my Cell, Facebook, etc. , and go outside, read a book, work in the garden, go visit a Friend, be Quiet, or take a drive.

What are we as Christians to do in these Troubled times? The Holy Bible in

Psalms 23: 1-5 KJV :

231 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green  pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. “

Jesus is our Comforter, Leader, the Way, Water, Life, Peace, Help, Guard, Provider, and treats us as Sons and Daughters who never want for anything.

For a while all Church’s were closed. I started reading my Bible at home. Praying for God to help the Hospitals, Drs, Nurses, Patients, Emergency workers, Family, Friends. Then Church’s went online and began having outside drive up services. We all needed to have some contact with other human beings of like Faith. The Earth was in such turmoil. Many dying. The economy failing. GOD needed His place in our lives again.

Psalms 46:10 KJV

“Be still and Know that I AM GOD”….

We are told to be Still or quiet. Calm. Peaceful. And Know, Study and grow in our knowledge of who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are, and what they do in our lives.

Serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. It is found by self search, prayer, reading the Holy Bible and ever striving to be a better living breathing Human Being. It’s up to every Person to find their special place, song, lake, mountain, beach, prayer time, or quiet spot.

Greed in Crisis

I went to a well known warehouse store about a week ago. People were loading their carts with milk, bread, canned corn, canned green beans, toilet paper, paper towels, All cleaning supplies, meats, peanut butter, Water, and Gatorade. Everyone was so Rude. I am Handicapped. I usually use online delivery or pick up shopping, but that feature was off due to high demand.
People Wake Up! Turn off the TV and put down your Cell phone.

Wash your hands and body with soap and water. Stay home if you can.
This will pass. Check on your neighbor. Call a friend. Work in your yard. Pray. Read your Bible. Jesus said ” study to show they self approved. Seek His Face. Love one Another”

My Husband is a Structures Mechanic that works on Air Force KC 10s. Right now his job is considered necessary. I pray every day no one brings the VIRUS to his job.

America will survive this for Better or worse.


Psalms 46:10 KJV  “Be still, and Know that I am God

The writer of this Psalm, King David,  says Be still. Its an emphatic command  not to worry, fret, cry, or continually complain about the situation you may find yourself in.  It may be a health issue, financial problem,  Marital problem,  an addiction,  Family problem, or something else.

We who are saved by the Blood of Jesus and call Him Lord, are to Pray and give Him our problems one time. Lay it at His feet.  We are to Let it go and have Faith that our God will work the situation out in His time.  Not a time table we set.  It may not be the answer we want or as quickly as we want.

We are to Know by reading His word, studying, and acknowledging that he is the Almighty, The I AM, The Everlasting Father,  The Prince of Peace,  All Powerful, The Alpha and Omega, The Comforter,  Living Water, The Great Shepard, Savior,  Master,  Jesus,  Holy Spirit, and GOD the Father in Heaven.

The King James Bible was translated from Greek and Hebrew scrolls by Catholic Priests for King James.  In Greek, the word Faith can be a noun or a verb. It  is translated as belief, firm persuasion, assurance, to trust in and rely upon, and to confide in.

So, in conclusion, Christians are to Pray,  Let go( Be Still) , and Let God.  “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things of things unseen” Hebrews 11:1. KJV.  Romans 8:28 KJV.

Life in 2019

Have you noticed that everyone today is interested in everything that is “better, faster, and more convenient”?  Cars, cell phones, banking, fast food, and  home delivery of groceries are just a few examples.

Anxiety and depression are at an all time high in the USA.  People think they have to work long hours to make the most money while they are young so they will have enough money to live on when the retire. What they don’t realize is they are causing damage to their bodies.  The heart, stomach, and liver are examples of organs effected by the stress of this life style.

I had a major melt down a few years ago caused by anxiety, 3 months of  not sleeping, depression, and PTSD.  I was under a Huge amount of stress at my job in a large hospital laboratory.  I worked as a certified Medical Technologist Generalist in all departments and had 14 other responsibilities on top of running patient samples, instrument maintenance, and verification of patient results.

I have been hospitalized in Psychiatric facilities 4 times in the last 6 years.  Trust me, those places are not somewhere anyone wants to be. I was forced to take medicine that made me dizzy, sleepy, have hallucinations, and a rash. One night I didn’t want to go to bed and was pulled out of my wheelchair and dragged to my room and thrown on the foot of the bed. I landed on my knees. I was screaming for help all the way.  The orderlies held me down and a Nurse jerked my pants down and stuck a needle in my ass full of some kind of knock out medicine. Then all of them left and slammed the door. About 15 minutes later one of the orderlies brought my wheelchair in the room and closed the door again.

I was at this hospital involuntary committed for  3 months.  I knew all the classes by heart.  I could teach the classes and lead all the group therapy sessions.  I had my  cousin bring my King James version of the Holy Bible.  After a while the other patients started to bring their Bibles and read them with me before breakfast every morning.  Some mornings I would use the large dry erase board to take verses of the Holy Bible and explain them. One time I did the names of Jesus in the Bible. I turned around and there were 2 other patients taking notes. I made the best of my imprisonment. There were prisoners, drug dealers, confused teenagers, whores, wives whose husbands had  involuntary committed them, epileptics,  patients with head injuries, and  others with true psychiatric disorders. I begged to go outside on warm days. they let us outside for 30 minutes when it was warm. There was a gym. Sometimes they let us go there.  I have to say , the food was wonderful.

The other downside was the Doctors really liked to give pills for everything.  Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, rash, cough, dizzy, too happy, too down, headache, etc.

Today, I think I’m in a better place. I take a combination of medications.  I am out of the stressful work situation.  I go to counseling and a Psychiatrist once a month.  I got Married 3 years ago to a long time friend.  I grow a variety of plants and herbs. I make soap. I read. I have a new cat. I have learned to meditate. I get a massage once a month.  I have learned to stop and breathe, and  take time for myself.

So, in summary don’t let the stress of a fast paced Life in the World today cause you to end up in a hospital like me. Or the constant trial of medications one after the other until the Doctor decides you are “stable”.

Disappointment: Family Greed

     My widowed 83-year-old Great Aunt died from end stage Pancreatic cancer in a Hospice home Wednesday March 21, 2018.   This Cancer was  metastasized from 2 occurrences of Breast Cancer from earlier in her life.  She had multiple rounds of Chemo  for years and was in remission supposedly.

      In November 2017 she was rushed to the Hospital because her Blood sugar was too low and she was Jaundiced.  A scan revealed a mass in the pancreas and a blocked biliary tube.  She had surgery to implant a stent to help drain all the excess bile that was causing her Bright Yellow appearance.  Her total Bilirubin was 18.   The Dr also put a tube in her nose to help.  She had extreme nausea, had not eaten or drank much in days and was dehydrated. And shortness of breath and coughing spells.

      This was the beginning. Testing and a failed abdominal surgery revealed a large mass engulfing her entire pancreas and wrapped around several key blood vessels. The Oncology Dr. sewed her back up and told the Family– My second Cousin and My Mother– what was found.   Aunt did not regain consciousness for several days after this surgery.  When she did come around she was shocked to say the least at what was found. She was still very sharp and in control of her mind.

She was given time to absorb the information and heal a little. She was transferred to a Rehab facility to gain strength, take medicines, watch TV, and decide her next move in December 2107.  A few weeks went by.  At Christmas 2017, My Husband and I went for a visit and took her a Christmas Sweatshirt to wear.  She told me what the Dr’s had said.  I asked her plans.  At that time she was still undecided as to treatment.

Next, She was moved to another Rehab facility/ Nursing home closer to her home in January 2018.  She made a man/Doctor  she raised Power of Attorney over her healthcare decisions and estate.  In the end she decided she was too old and tired to Fight this Cancer Monster again.  The choice was made to keep her comfortable till the End.—

    My second Cousin has been staying with her and taking care of her for several years.  My Mother has also provided transportation to and from Doctor visits, nursing services, meals, etc. also for YearsMy Cousin and The Doctor were with Aunt at Hospice until she died.

     At the Funeral Home, my Aunts youngest Brother and his wife showed up to Plan the visitation , obituary, and Funeral.  He is the same age as my Father, 71.  He made an Ass in front of the Funeral home director and My Cousin, Mother and Father.  He objected to spending $250 to print an obituary in the Local paper, he objected to separating the family visitation from the actual funeral, He tried to over-ride my Aunts final wishes for everything because of Cost.

It is not his money paying for anything. My Aunt was Rich,  I don’t know exact numbers, but apparently Her Brother and His wife do. I was told they took her to her Financial advisor’s office and sat in on the meetings.  Also, somehow, His name and hers are on both vehicles…Interesting??? He thinks he’s getting all her Money.

He is a Greedy bastard. Always has been. This morning he called My Mother fussing at her about Facebook posts about my Aunt.  Its none of his Business. My Family, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles will write whatever and to whomever we want.

I’m ready for Him Tonight at the visitation if he Comes at Me. I warned my cousins that posted items what he has said and done… Hell will welcome him with open arms someday.

Reflections of Youth

I am an ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathologist) certified Laboratory Medical Technologist.

 I have worked in hospital Clinical Laboratories since 1997. I have been with the same organization since 1988.

In the beginning   I  worked as a Nurse Aid in a large Nursing home in Yadkinville, NC -1986.  There is no way to describe my feelings at the time.  I did all the baths/ showers for 2 halls of Residents every evening. Made beds, lifted extremely heavy patients without help or any type of lift, changed beds, emptied bed pans, catheter bags, drains, wiped up vomit, poop, blood and urine.  Patients had a variety of diagnoses: dementia,  Downs Syndrome, strokes, paraplegic, quadriplegic, in a Coma, or Just Young or Old, and Sad without anyone who Cared.

I was a very mature 16 year old. I am the oldest child.  I was taught that you work for everything you have.  There were no hand outs.  If we didn’t have cash money we didn’t buy clothes, food, cars, etc. We rarely got to go out to eat. McDonald’s was always a Special treat.  So was Tasty Freeze.  We ate food Mama cooked whether we liked it or not because it was that or starve.  Lots of beans, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and garden fresh items.  There was no “Have it Your way” like a popular fast food chain advertises.

I worked and went to High School.  I paid my car insurance and for gas.  I drove a 1977 Carolina Blue Chevy Nova from 1986 till 1991.  Daddy always said drive it till it falls down and I”ll fix it.

I blew the radiator 3 times. -Seized up the poor motor on the way home from Marching Band practice with 3 other kids in the car. -There was no water in the radiator.  I blew a tire, threw off a belt….That car was still running the last time I checked in 2010.

To make a long story short, I do not understand this new Generation of kids today in 2018.

They are a push button, I- phone caring, give me everything, bring it to me, texting, IM -ing, fantasy game playing group of Lazy Individuals.

This World does not Owe You personally a blessed thing EVER! Suck it up. Grow Up. 


March 3rd 1994: The day my life changed. I was 24 years old, waiting on Med School or PA school admission, when I had a horrible accident on the way home from work one morning.

I remember everything. I was driving home from working 3rd shift at a Laboratory in Winston Salem NC, when I hit a patch of black ice. ( It had rained all night and the temperature dropped from 44 to 32 degrees F.)  It was 7 am and the sun was just rising.  I was able to stop my car on the side of I 40 in Winston Salem NC.

But that’s when it happened. A 2 ton white delivery truck hit the same patch of ice that I had.  He lost control.  I remember trying to run. The next thing- I saw a flash of red and was twirling around upright, then I’m on the wet concrete pavement under the truck -face down- with my head and body between the axels of the truck.   I then did a quick assessment of my situation without moving.  All the while the driver of the truck is grinding the gears trying to back up off my crushed car trunk.  All I could think was that he was going to run over my head.  I tried to raise my upper body up. No dice. -excruciating lower back pain. My body began to go into shock: Shivering, vomiting.  The truck was still running.

I heard the ambulance coming within a few minutes of the accident. An EMT crawled under the truck to me.  He began his assessment of my condition. Since I was still laying face down,  He  cut my jeans up the back of both legs to by bottom , my shirt from the hem to the back of the collar , and the sleeves from wrist to shoulder.

I was pulled from this position under the truck, using what was left of my jeans, straight out into the highway. The EMT and his partners then put on a collar and flipped me over onto a backboard. Again extreme pain.  No major external bleeding.  Obvious open book pelvic fracture,  broken ankle, cuts and scrapes on my hands and face.

I was rushed to our local trauma center 10 minutes from the crash site on I 40. IVs started, BP taken, finger stick glucose, oxygen…and a very bumpy ride. I passed out until they were transferring me to the Emergency Room bed.  Then:  Loud Doctor asking lots of questions, being stripped naked for all to see –freezing cold, BP cuff, heart monitor sticky pads applied,  poked, prodded, blood drawn, bright lights, abdominal tap to check for blood, urinary catheter insertion, oxygen, trauma blood transfusion,  finally I got covered with a thin sheet and blanket, then emergency CT scan, and into the OR for major orthopedic surgery.

That was 23.5 years ago.  Stay tuned for more…..