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Psalms 46:10 KJV? “Be still, and Know that I am God“ The writer of this Psalm, King David,? says Be still. Its an emphatic command? not to worry, fret, cry, or continually complain about the situation you may find yourself in.? It may be a health issue, financial problem,?…

Disappointment: Family Greed

     My widowed 83-year-old Great Aunt died from end stage Pancreatic cancer in a Hospice home Wednesday March 21, 2018.   This Cancer was  metastasized from 2 occurrences of Breast Cancer from earlier in her life.  She had multiple rounds of Chemo  for years and was in remission supposedly.       In November 2017 she was rushed to the Hospital becauseContinue reading “Disappointment: Family Greed”

Reflections of Youth

I am an ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathologist) certified Laboratory Medical Technologist.  I have worked in hospital Clinical Laboratories since 1997. I have been with the same organization since 1988. In the beginning   I  worked as a Nurse Aid in a large Nursing home in Yadkinville, NC -1986.  There is no way to describeContinue reading “Reflections of Youth”