Greed in Crisis

I went to a well known warehouse store about a week ago. People were loading their carts with milk, bread, canned corn, canned green beans, toilet paper, paper towels, All cleaning supplies, meats, peanut butter, Water, and Gatorade. Everyone was so Rude. I am Handicapped. I usually use online delivery or pick up shopping, but that feature was off due to high demand.
People Wake Up! Turn off the TV and put down your Cell phone.

Wash your hands and body with soap and water. Stay home if you can.
This will pass. Check on your neighbor. Call a friend. Work in your yard. Pray. Read your Bible. Jesus said ” study to show they self approved. Seek His Face. Love one Another”

My Husband is a Structures Mechanic that works on Air Force KC 10s. Right now his job is considered necessary. I pray every day no one brings the VIRUS to his job.

America will survive this for Better or worse.

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