Life in 2019

Have you noticed that everyone today is interested in everything that is “better, faster, and more convenient”?  Cars, cell phones, banking, fast food, and  home delivery of groceries are just a few examples.

Anxiety and depression are at an all time high in the USA.  People think they have to work long hours to make the most money while they are young so they will have enough money to live on when the retire. What they don’t realize is they are causing damage to their bodies.  The heart, stomach, and liver are examples of organs effected by the stress of this life style.

I had a major melt down a few years ago caused by anxiety, 3 months of  not sleeping, depression, and PTSD.  I was under a Huge amount of stress at my job in a large hospital laboratory.  I worked as a certified Medical Technologist Generalist in all departments and had 14 other responsibilities on top of running patient samples, instrument maintenance, and verification of patient results.

I have been hospitalized in Psychiatric facilities 4 times in the last 6 years.  Trust me, those places are not somewhere anyone wants to be. I was forced to take medicine that made me dizzy, sleepy, have hallucinations, and a rash. One night I didn’t want to go to bed and was pulled out of my wheelchair and dragged to my room and thrown on the foot of the bed. I landed on my knees. I was screaming for help all the way.  The orderlies held me down and a Nurse jerked my pants down and stuck a needle in my ass full of some kind of knock out medicine. Then all of them left and slammed the door. About 15 minutes later one of the orderlies brought my wheelchair in the room and closed the door again.

I was at this hospital involuntary committed for  3 months.  I knew all the classes by heart.  I could teach the classes and lead all the group therapy sessions.  I had my  cousin bring my King James version of the Holy Bible.  After a while the other patients started to bring their Bibles and read them with me before breakfast every morning.  Some mornings I would use the large dry erase board to take verses of the Holy Bible and explain them. One time I did the names of Jesus in the Bible. I turned around and there were 2 other patients taking notes. I made the best of my imprisonment. There were prisoners, drug dealers, confused teenagers, whores, wives whose husbands had  involuntary committed them, epileptics,  patients with head injuries, and  others with true psychiatric disorders. I begged to go outside on warm days. they let us outside for 30 minutes when it was warm. There was a gym. Sometimes they let us go there.  I have to say , the food was wonderful.

The other downside was the Doctors really liked to give pills for everything.  Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, rash, cough, dizzy, too happy, too down, headache, etc.

Today, I think I’m in a better place. I take a combination of medications.  I am out of the stressful work situation.  I go to counseling and a Psychiatrist once a month.  I got Married 3 years ago to a long time friend.  I grow a variety of plants and herbs. I make soap. I read. I have a new cat. I have learned to meditate. I get a massage once a month.  I have learned to stop and breathe, and  take time for myself.

So, in summary don’t let the stress of a fast paced Life in the World today cause you to end up in a hospital like me. Or the constant trial of medications one after the other until the Doctor decides you are “stable”.

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