Disappointment: Family Greed

     My widowed 83-year-old Great Aunt died from end stage Pancreatic cancer in a Hospice home Wednesday March 21, 2018.   This Cancer was  metastasized from 2 occurrences of Breast Cancer from earlier in her life.  She had multiple rounds of Chemo  for years and was in remission supposedly.

      In November 2017 she was rushed to the Hospital because her Blood sugar was too low and she was Jaundiced.  A scan revealed a mass in the pancreas and a blocked biliary tube.  She had surgery to implant a stent to help drain all the excess bile that was causing her Bright Yellow appearance.  Her total Bilirubin was 18.   The Dr also put a tube in her nose to help.  She had extreme nausea, had not eaten or drank much in days and was dehydrated. And shortness of breath and coughing spells.

      This was the beginning. Testing and a failed abdominal surgery revealed a large mass engulfing her entire pancreas and wrapped around several key blood vessels. The Oncology Dr. sewed her back up and told the Family– My second Cousin and My Mother– what was found.   Aunt did not regain consciousness for several days after this surgery.  When she did come around she was shocked to say the least at what was found. She was still very sharp and in control of her mind.

She was given time to absorb the information and heal a little. She was transferred to a Rehab facility to gain strength, take medicines, watch TV, and decide her next move in December 2107.  A few weeks went by.  At Christmas 2017, My Husband and I went for a visit and took her a Christmas Sweatshirt to wear.  She told me what the Dr’s had said.  I asked her plans.  At that time she was still undecided as to treatment.

Next, She was moved to another Rehab facility/ Nursing home closer to her home in January 2018.  She made a man/Doctor  she raised Power of Attorney over her healthcare decisions and estate.  In the end she decided she was too old and tired to Fight this Cancer Monster again.  The choice was made to keep her comfortable till the End.—

    My second Cousin has been staying with her and taking care of her for several years.  My Mother has also provided transportation to and from Doctor visits, nursing services, meals, etc. also for YearsMy Cousin and The Doctor were with Aunt at Hospice until she died.

     At the Funeral Home, my Aunts youngest Brother and his wife showed up to Plan the visitation , obituary, and Funeral.  He is the same age as my Father, 71.  He made an Ass in front of the Funeral home director and My Cousin, Mother and Father.  He objected to spending $250 to print an obituary in the Local paper, he objected to separating the family visitation from the actual funeral, He tried to over-ride my Aunts final wishes for everything because of Cost.

It is not his money paying for anything. My Aunt was Rich,  I don’t know exact numbers, but apparently Her Brother and His wife do. I was told they took her to her Financial advisor’s office and sat in on the meetings.  Also, somehow, His name and hers are on both vehicles…Interesting??? He thinks he’s getting all her Money.

He is a Greedy bastard. Always has been. This morning he called My Mother fussing at her about Facebook posts about my Aunt.  Its none of his Business. My Family, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles will write whatever and to whomever we want.

I’m ready for Him Tonight at the visitation if he Comes at Me. I warned my cousins that posted items what he has said and done… Hell will welcome him with open arms someday.

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