Reflections of Youth

I am an ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathologist) certified Laboratory Medical Technologist.

 I have worked in hospital Clinical Laboratories since 1997. I have been with the same organization since 1988.

In the beginning   I  worked as a Nurse Aid in a large Nursing home in Yadkinville, NC -1986.  There is no way to describe my feelings at the time.  I did all the baths/ showers for 2 halls of Residents every evening. Made beds, lifted extremely heavy patients without help or any type of lift, changed beds, emptied bed pans, catheter bags, drains, wiped up vomit, poop, blood and urine.  Patients had a variety of diagnoses: dementia,  Downs Syndrome, strokes, paraplegic, quadriplegic, in a Coma, or Just Young or Old, and Sad without anyone who Cared.

I was a very mature 16 year old. I am the oldest child.  I was taught that you work for everything you have.  There were no hand outs.  If we didn’t have cash money we didn’t buy clothes, food, cars, etc. We rarely got to go out to eat. McDonald’s was always a Special treat.  So was Tasty Freeze.  We ate food Mama cooked whether we liked it or not because it was that or starve.  Lots of beans, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and garden fresh items.  There was no “Have it Your way” like a popular fast food chain advertises.

I worked and went to High School.  I paid my car insurance and for gas.  I drove a 1977 Carolina Blue Chevy Nova from 1986 till 1991.  Daddy always said drive it till it falls down and I”ll fix it.

I blew the radiator 3 times. -Seized up the poor motor on the way home from Marching Band practice with 3 other kids in the car. -There was no water in the radiator.  I blew a tire, threw off a belt….That car was still running the last time I checked in 2010.

To make a long story short, I do not understand this new Generation of kids today in 2018.

They are a push button, I- phone caring, give me everything, bring it to me, texting, IM -ing, fantasy game playing group of Lazy Individuals.

This World does not Owe You personally a blessed thing EVER! Suck it up. Grow Up. 

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